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How to pass Zoom or Google Meet information from your Prelude workflow to Guide

Updated over a week ago

If your team uses Prelude to schedule candidate interviews your Prelude CSM will be able to help enable a backend sync so that the Location Field for Interviews in Prelude (where you place your meeting links) syncs back to the matching location field in Greenhouse.

As Guide is actively polling for this information from Greenhouse, once activated this sync will allow us display to candidates their current schedule and interviewer information.

Once this sync is active, you can continue to use Prelude as you normally would

  • Begin scheduling as you normally would, within Prelude's workflow.

  • When you are confirming the "Room/Location" field, enter any Zoom or Google Meet URLs that you want the candidate to be aware of

  • Save/Finalize your scheduling and both Greenhouse and Guide will update with this information.

  • We recommend disabling any candidate facing communication or confirmations from Prelude and instead sending those through Guide's workflow now within Greenhouse

  • Head to the Greenhouse profile for a given candidate to deliver their interview confirmation and Guide via our extension

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