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Company Profile: Logo, Mission Statement and more
Company Profile: Logo, Mission Statement and more

The organization settings page will help you customize the appearance of your Guides and key information like office locations

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To update or setup your logo, locations, mission statement and brand color head over to Your Company Profile Page. All information entered here is then available to every Guide created by your team.


  • Click the + symbol to add a new office location

  • Resource Guide uses Google Maps to match addresses you enter, ensuring candidates can use these locations directly in their map app of choice when navigating to any physical office locations

  • Special Instructions field is provided so you can relay any unique location information like door codes or elevator information

✨Logo and Default Interviewer Image

  • We recommend a high resolution file to ensure the logo looks great on any size screen

  • Your logo will feature at the top of the candidate Guide

  • Interviewers can update their own profiles with images and bios, but if they haven't updated their profile yet, we'll display the default image in its place. (Tip: A mascot or logomark are the best options)

🎨Brand Color

  • Resource Guide uses hex color codes to accurately relay your brand color to candidates

  • Your brand color will be used below your logo to display stage status of a given candidate

✍️ Mission Statement, Values and Prep Tips

  • Add in your Mission statement and any team values you wish to relay to candidates. Your team can then use them in any Guide they send as an optional section.

  • Prep tips allow you to relay important information that a candidate may need to know or greatly appreciate as they prepare for an interview, take home or coding quiz. You can create as many as you like and choose which ones appear each time you add them to a stage template.

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