Admins: Account Setup Checklist

Five steps to getting Guide activated and ready to roll out

Updated over a week ago

You've most likely already met with one of the Resource Guide Team members so this article is here to help review exactly what is required to get your ATS synced with Guide and lay the foundation for your interviewers, recruiters and team members to get rolling.

Never go it alone, please reach out if you'd like to review any of this together on a quick screen share.

πŸ’™ Admins, we thank you for your help and time in setting this up!

  1. Ensure you've logged in successfully at

  2. Snag a copy of our Chrome Extension for later use on Greenhouse

  3. Complete the one time Greenhouse to Guide ATS Sync Setup

  4. Add your logo, brand colors and company information to your Company Profile Page

  5. Setup your first Candidate Journey and Stage Template for testing

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