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Our powerful email templates help you craft a hyper personalized email containing the candidate guide and key information.

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Email templates within Guide help you share the link to the Guide itself, and with numerous smart text options we can help you save time in writing out information that candidates care about most.

Email templates are commonly created for each stage in your ATS in which you may send a Guide, but you can use them in several ways to impart information to the candidate at anytime.

Head over to the Email Template menu in the Guide Dashboard:

Here, you'll see any existing email templates your team has created. You can search or sort to find the ones relevant to you, or create a new one from the New email template button.

After creating a new template, you can give it a name for your team to find when adding to a job. This is internal facing, so don't worry about what the candidate will see until you get to the Subject line. Now the fun part, think of every piece of information you've had to manually write out for a given candidate but that data was already in Greenhouse. We've built our smart text variable list to support this workflow in detail. Select the variables menu to try adding your own, to best fit this stage and role:

How do I send these?

Guide will automatically fill in these text variables when you open up this template on a given candidate profile, and using our Guide Chrome Extension you'll be able to preview the template once the candidate reaches the stage set and send:

I want to duplicate my email templates

You can easily duplicate your email templates by clicking the three dots menu on the right of the email template you want and clicking Duplicate:

I'm not using my email template. What should I do?

When you're no longer using your email template, you can archive it.
Archiving a template will allow you to unarchive it in the future (if you want to archive templates for roles that are no longer active, but may become active in the future, you can). You can do that through the same three dots menu as above.

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