Jobs in Guide

Jobs (formerly Journeys) help you map specific content (stage and email templates) to the corresponding stage in your ATS

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Jobs! This is how Guide knows what content to display to candidates and at what stage. Once a role journey is complete, any candidate entering those stages in GH will be able to receive a prepared Guide in just a few clicks!

Ready to try for yourself? We recommend you head over to any current candidate in your Greenhouse and as the Chrome Extension opens on the right tab, we will give you a quick alert that no role journey is yet setup, click our helper text to be taken directly to the Journey Setup Page for that Role.

Settings up many jobs at once (bulk actions)

Closing Greenhouse Roles

Guide will only display open roles/requisitions in our Journeys dashboard. Once a role closes in Greenhouse the corresponding journey will then be removed from Guide.
If you re-open a Greenhouse role that was previously setup in our journeys dashboard that configuration will return just as you left it.

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