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Updating My Interviewer Biography and Photo
Updating My Interviewer Biography and Photo

How to update your bio on Guide so that candidates can learn more about you!

Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Guide! By updating your interviewer bio and adding a photo your team can then impart this information automatically to candidates interviewing with you. Candidates love to know more about the folks they are meeting with!

  • Enriching your interviewer profile within Guide can be accomplished quickly by visiting your Profile page in Guide or by clicking on your photo in the bottom left of our dashboard and going to "Account & preferences" > Edit Profile.

  • Once at the profile page you can begin to add your image, links and biography!

  • Click Save changes to save your edits and you're done! Thank you for helping us provide an amazing candidate experience! If you're curious on how your profile will appear on a live Guide, see below πŸ˜€

How does this appear in Guide? Check out our video!

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