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You can now embed Loom videos in your stage templates via our Culture Video Module. The possibilities are kinda endless.

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To add a Loom Video to any stage template simply add our Culture Video Module and paste in your Loom URL. Done!

Woah, wait, what is Loom? Is that Troy? πŸ§‘β€πŸ«

Yes it is.

Loom is an extremely flexible, free, fun and purely cloud based video platform where you can download an easy to use Chrome Extension and start recording in seconds. There is no requirement to install any desktop software but it is available. Loom is incredibly useful in imparting easy to record yet personalized video messages. With Loom + Guide you can imagine a whole assortment of welcoming, content rich videos that candidates can watch to prepare for any part of the interview process.
Do you have a big virtual onsite with 6 interviews, give them a quick Loom video letting them know what to expect!
Have an async take home assessment, a 2 minute loom could help you keep them engaged + encourage them to show off their work on their own time.

Leadership team game for a little face time? Ask your CEO to record a welcome video where he is way too excited to talk about himself.
Whether you're a small recruiting team looking to help candidates across multiple timezones or a big team looking to provide a more personal touch, Loom is a great way to enrich your candidate experience with Guide.

Coming Soon! πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

In a soon to be released feature we will support Loom Videos inside your Interviewer Profile so that candidates can actually hear from your team with whatever they might want to record.
Imagine a video from your hiring managers the moment they are an assigned interviewer, telling candidates exactly what working in their department is like! We are excited for this one.


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