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Best Practices for Offer Stage Templates

How to leave a lasting impression on your candidates after you've made them an official offer

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Your candidate made it through several rounds of interviews, impressed their peers, impressed the hiring manager, and you've decided to make them an offer. Wonderful! Let's put together a final template to let them know the good news!

Connect with the candidate

As always, we want to make sure that we're giving the candidate a quick summary of what is happening. Starting with a Custom Text module, we can congratulate them on reaching the offer stage. In this module, we're using variables for their name and the role to make it more personal. We'll do the same a bit lower.

A big differentiator for our team at Good Health is a highly engaged CEO. We were able to get the CEO to record a quick congratulations message via Loom, and we added that into the Guide with a Culture Video module. We keep the video fairly short-- just about 30 seconds of the CEO saying congratulations and that they're excited to work with the candidate.

Under our video, we're using another Custom Text module to outline what happens next for the candidate. We'll cover:

  • How they'll receive their offer letter

  • How our reference check process works

  • What will happen between them accepting the offer and their first day

Our goal here is to make sure that we've answered any questions before they come up.

End on a high note

As we wrap up our offer stage, we want to highlight what would make a candidate want to work with us. Our company has a particularly robust benefits package (that we've mentioned a few times previously since we find that candidates really respond well to it!), so we included a run down of the top benefits again. We set these up as Prep Tips in our Organization Settings, and renamed the module to reflect that. These benefit "prep tips" only show when we want them to, so we don't need to worry about them displaying anywhere else. Prep Tips is very flexible, and this is a nice way of displaying details about each of the benefits in the Guide.

We also want to make sure our candidate feels valued, so we've added another Custom Text box to thank them for their time in the process.

Finally, we wrap things up with our company logo that we added with a Team Photo module. This is mostly a design choice to help the Guide feel grounded at the end by anchoring on the company logo.
And that's it! We've given the candidate all the tools they need to make a decision while showing them a good experience along the way.

If there are any other stages you'd like information on, let us know!

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