Job Templates!

Use Job Templates to set up Guide across any number of open requisitions with just a few clicks.

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🀩 Job Templates (formerly known as Guide Templates) are the easiest way to deploy Guide across many new roles at once. Going forward, simply edit your Job Template to update all the roles linked to that template.

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Do I have to use these to setup roles in Guide?
No, these are purely designed to help your team setup numerous roles at once (bulk setup) and control those downstream roles in one central place. You can still activate Guide for a single role by heading to Jobs > Setup Job in your dashboard.

​When do you recommend we start using this feature?
As soon as you've become comfortable with controlling your first role with Guide, you can craft a Job Template (typically by department) to get comfy with bulk role setup in our app. Consider your most common interview plan across a department and use that as your starting place.
​Best Practices:

  1. Job Templates, based on how your team has organized Greenhouse, are best built out by department. Since your Engineering roles typically have different stages and content than say your Sales roles, this is the best way to organize for ease of use.

  2. We will always show you the roles that are linked to a template so you can quickly discern attribution and make adjustments.

How to make edits to a template or edit a single role using Job Templates


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