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Upload and attach files to a message
Upload and attach files to a message

Quickly add any number of files, like PDFs, DOCx, Excel to your Message Templates

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Welcome to file attachment in Guide!

You can quickly add any number of files to a Message Template by using the "Insert File" button in the message editor toolbar or by typing "/file" directly in the window.

Guide's File Attachment feature supports all primary file types, such as DOCX, PDF, DOC, ZIP and more.

Best Practices:

  1. Consider the context of the file you're attaching, you can insert a file in-line within a message template. Unlike emails from Greenhouse you're not stuck referencing items attached in the bottom corner of an email client. You can even embed a Loom video discussing the instructions on how to best succeed with a given project, file, exercise.

  2. Use our renaming feature to provide a better call to action or title for your files, you can do this quickly with the cog wheel icon next to any file you add to a message

  3. Know when these are opened! Guide tracks all message states, from sent, unread to read (with a timestamp.) Simply visit a Guide where you've delivered any message and we will give you the information you need to know if the candidate has accessed this file/message.

From the candidate side:

What a candidate receives and how Guide emphasizes a call to action for accessing files.

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