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Managing candidates with the Guide button

A small but mighty one-click solution for managing candidates with Guide.

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After you have created your account and successfully installed the Guide Extension, you'll notice a new button at the top of Greenhouse candidate profiles. This is the Guide button. Don't let its small size fool you; this little button is mighty powerful. Nearly everything you need to keep your candidate updated, on schedule, and progressing through their hiring journey can be found behind this button.

The Guide button

As you probably know, Guide is designed to supercharge your candidate experience by enhancing your daily workflows in Greenhouse. You'll come across these enhanced workflows in the Guide Extension sidebar, in candidate guides, and even embedded directly in familiar Greenhouse workflows. But, with the Guide button, we've brought all these everyday actions together in a single dropdown.

Follow these instructions for locating and using the Guide button:

  1. First, ensure you have the Guide Extension installed and log in to your Guide account.

  2. Next, navigate to any candidate profile in Greenhouse. Towards the top of the page, you will see a button labeled "Update".

  3. Clicking this button will reveal a dropdown with a list of quick actions you can take for this candidate.

The Guide button currently supports the following actions. Message us if you feel we’re missing anything; we’d love to know.

Send a message

Open the Guide Messenger to compose and send a new message to the candidate’s email.

Request availability

Ask a candidate to provide you with times they are available to meet by using the Guide’s request availability tool.

Confirm interviews

Embed a dynamic interview schedule to confirm interview times, conferencing links, and interviewer bios.

Notify of offer

Share news and details of an offer with your candidates and update their guide to reflect this celebratory milestone.

Notify of hire

Send your candidates an update on the great news. They've been hired and will soon be joining your team.

Notify of rejection

Notify your candidate that they are no longer being considered for the role and disable their guide from receiving further updates.

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