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Best Practices for On-site Interview Templates
Best Practices for On-site Interview Templates

Whether in-person or virtual, how to help best prepare your candidates for their on-site interview

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Your on-site interview is typically the most involved in the candidate journey. These longer, more involved interviews can require extra preparation, and are also your best opportunity to show your candidates what it's really like to work at your organization. Both you and the candidate need to sell yourselves as best as you can.

For this stage template, we're going to start with a virtual on-site. At the end of this article, we'll mention a few additional tips and modules for in-person on-site interviews.

Let's get the important details out of the way

By this point, your candidate probably understands what to expect from your interview guides (if not, we recommend introducing Guides earlier in the process. Read more on why here). This lets us start with our key details-- an overview of the process and the schedule. If you have a unique process (for instance, if you have exercises or a casual team meeting in the middle), the overview is a great way to highlight those details. We'll use a Custom Text module for this. Underneath, we're using the interview detail trifecta: Time + Calendar Link, Interview Schedule, and Interview Team modules. Since we might have a large number of interviewers for the day, we especially want to include the interview team module.
Chances are, you'll also want to include some interview details for each part of the interview to help your candidate prepare further for each person they'll meet with. You can do this with Interview templates. You'll set that up separately, though, but it's good to keep in mind.

Prepare for the Interview, Prepare for employment

The Prep Tips module is one of the best ways to succinctly keep your candidate prepared for any step of the interview (on top of being flexible enough to use for benefits, company details, and more). For an onsite interview, you'll want to include as many as you can to cover as much as you can. Here, we're reminding our candidate about what the dress code is like (casual, but video will be on) and reminding them to have good wifi. We're also reminding them about the best way to respond to questions, and about bringing their own questions. We can also help answer questions before they come up, like letting them know about bathroom breaks.

From here, at our company Good Health, we're fairly confident about the candidates that make it to this stage, so we'll save a few additional tips for the end. But we've noticed a surprising amount of candidates self-selecting out of the process just before or just after their on-site interviews. So we want to take some time to really sell working at Good Health. We'll start with a Culture Video module, where we had one of our employees record a quick video about working at our organization. Underneath, we added a photo collage with the Team Photo module highlighting things like holiday parties, sales kick offs, and team building events.

We'll continue selling our company underneath. Our marketing team put together some great assets for us, so we're going to add them in with more Team Photo modules. Some additional team member testimonials can help (we're using engineers since it's an engineering position). And then we want to highlight our Glassdoor reviews since we've got 4.5 stars.

A few final resources

As we mentioned earlier, we want to leave our candidates with a few additional prep resources, so we've added prep tips we're big fans of, a blog post on how the team collaborates, and a blog post about how our Interview process works. We're also including our benefits summary again since we believe our benefits are a big differentiator, so we'll put them in front of the candidate one more time.

That should do a good job of selling how it is to work at our company while giving the candidate enough information to ace their interview!

What about in-person on-sites?

If we're asking candidates to come to a physical location, we want to make sure that we add in some additional details to let them know where to go. We can use the Interview Location module to give them directions:

We can also add in some prep tips about what to expect, what the office dress code is, if there will be lunch provided, or if there is car/bike parking. We can add this to the Prep Tips module:

If you're hiring in-office, there may be additional content that you'd want to add-- if you have a cool office space, more photos of where the candidate would work can help, if you're in an interesting part of town, highlight the local lunch/happy hour options.

And that's it! You've got a great stage template for your on-sites. If there's more you'd like to see, let us know!

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