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Get up and running with Guide in 4 easy steps

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Getting started with Guide is simple. Once you've connected your Guide account to Greenhouse, you can start creating beautiful and impactful Guides for each role you're hiring for. Just follow these easy steps:

Select a Job

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Once you've connected Greenhouse, you'll see all of your open roles in the Jobs tab. The best place to start with Guide is to open the job you'd like to first work on.

The best job to use will be evergreen (one that you'll hire again in the future), has a steady stream of candidates, and is in a department with other open roles. This will allow you to get guides to the most candidates and quickly set up additional jobs in the future.

Once you've selected your job, click Add Stage to Journey to see the stages for that role.

Now it's time to make some stage templates.

Create Templates for Each Stage

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Stage templates are the content that will display to a candidate when they reach a certain stage in Greenhouse. So when the candidate is in the Recruiter Screen stage, they'll see whatever details you add to a Recruiter Screen template.

Everything above is part of a stage template

Not every stage in Greenhouse will need a template or will be displayed to the candidate. Any internal reviews, for example, can be skipped (the candidate knows you need to talk to make a decision). Stage templates are best for stages where there is an interview-- hiring manager screens, panel interviews, even project stages. So if you have a recruiter screen, a project, an onsite, and a hiring manager interview, you'll want to create stage templates for each stage.

Note: Stage templates can be used for multiple jobs, so feel free to keep them high level.

Guide automatically includes some sample stage templates for you. These templates can be updated to include your company's own images and links (blog posts, relevant videos, or anything else you might send a candidate), and you can also create your own.

The best stage templates will include a When? (when is the candidate's interview? i.e., the schedule and interview team modules), a How? (how should the candidate prepare for the interview? i.e. text modules that explain the interview stage), and Why? (why should the candidate interview for your company? i.e. photo and video modules showcasing your company's unique culture). Read more about stage template best practices here.

Put Together Your Guide

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Once you have your templates created, you're ready to put together a job. Go back to the Jobs tab and select the job you'd like to create a guide for. Click Add Stage to Journey at the bottom of the screen.

In the box that pops up, you'll select the first stage you want to display to your candidate (the first interview they'll have after application review), and choose which template to display. Pick which email you'd like send to the candidate (this will be the template that is picked automatically when your team is ready to send the Guide to the candidate when they're in this stage), and click Add Stage to Journey again. You'll see a preview of your Guide on the right side of the screen, and can add another stage to your Guide.

Once you've added all of your stages to the Guide, you'll have a fully working Guide you can send to candidates!

Tip: If the role title isn't candidate friendly (e.g. "Sr. Backend Engineer - 2023 - NORAM only"), you can create a friendlier display name (e.g. "Senior Engineer") in the Settings tab at the top of the job.

Send Your Candidates Guides

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To send your candidates the Guide you've created, you'll need to make sure that you have the Guide Chrome extension installed. This will let you send Guides to candidates inside of Greenhouse.

To send the Guide, go to a candidate in the role that you've created a Guide for. Don't worry if they're in a more advanced stage-- you can send Guides to candidate at any point in the interview journey. Once you're on the candidate's page in Greenhouse, click the Guide extension in your tool bar or click on the Guide logo in the bottom right corner.

Once you've opened the Chrome extension, click Start this Guide to make the guide live for the candidate. This allows the link to work for the candidate when they open it.

After the Guide has been started, you can click Send guide, review the email, and then send it to your candidates!

And that's it! If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we're happy to help!

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