Getting started with Guide

To help you setup your first role and send your initial Guides, we've outlined some common tasks below. Please ping us in Slack anytime!

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πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Firstly, Welcome! Quick summary of items to help you get started are below. Please know we will help you with anything that arises so feel free to just reach out in our shared Slack channel for a quick chat or screen share!

Guide Overview Video

A top level view of Guide in case you need to help colleagues get up to speed

Quick Tasks

Accessing Guide + Installing our Chrome Extension

  • You login to Guide via

  • You can install our Chrome Extension from here.

  • Managers and Admins can invite users at anytime, more info here. Quick note that if you don't send an invite to a colleague with a specific user type and they just login at, we will default them to Interviewer with minimal access.

Guide Content

  • We have organization level Guide content, branding and logo settings in your Company Settings Menu here. This informs the content for all Guides including any you may have already invited candidates to.

  • Editing content in a Guide text box be it a message or your company overview, use the "/" key to bring up the editor for adding modules

Powering a role/requisition with Guide

  • All we need to setup a role is your input on what Greenhouse stages should be reflected in Guide, see the video above for a quick summary on best practices

Building Guide Messages

Messages in Guide offer your team the ability to upgrade your existing Greenhouse text only emails into rich candidate content messages shared at key moments in your hiring process. Review our full article on messages here.

Sending a Guide (Inviting a Candidate to view their Guide)

  • To send a Guide, head to any candidate in a role you've powered with Guide and our Chrome Extension will help do the rest!

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