Use a guide template with multiple jobs

How to activate and maintain many roles at once

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Guide Templates are the single source of truth for activating and maintaining any number of Greenhouse roles with Guide. Once created you can assign a Guide Template, say for all engineering roles with your team, to every single requisition/job under that department in Greenhouse.
Going forward any edits you make to that single Guide Template for Software Engineers informs all down stream roles you have linked to it.

Best Practices:

  1. Guide Templates, based on how your team has organized Greenhouse, are best built out by department. Since your Engineering roles typically have different stages and content than say your Sales roles, this is the best way to organize for ease of use.

  2. Guide Templates are flexible, in that you can use them to setup many roles at once, but they also intentionally prevent you from making changes to a single role linked to a template. To make an edit for only one role that is linked to a Guide Template, you must first detach it. The video below will help you do just that!

  3. We will always show you the roles that are linked to a template so you can quickly discern attribution and make adjustments.

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