Move a candidate to a new stage of their interview plan

How to advance candidate ahead in their Guide stage tracker

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Ready to prepare a candidate for their next interview stage? We've got you covered!

How to advance a candidate:

Head to any candidate profile in Greenhouse and using our Chrome Extension, you can hover on the next stage in the process to reveal the "move to stage" button.

Guide will let you choose between a silent update (move to stage) or an update containing a message so you can prepare and congratulate the candidate on the next part of your process (Move and send a message.)

Best Practices:

You are free to work ahead in Greenhouse and decide at the right time, when to notify the candidate via our extension of this advancement.

Our Chrome Extension will automatically ingest scheduled interviews and their matching interviewer profiles, all of which will arrive in the Guide for the candidate to view immediately. We recommend you send them a message as a part of any stage movement to congratulate them and help them prepare.

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