Sending an offer to a candidate

Share news and details of an offer with your candidates and update their guide to reflect this celebratory milestone.

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Once your team identifies the best candidate for a job, you’ll most likely present them with a formal offer – typically an offer letter accompanied by a personalized message expanding on important highlights of the package. This is an exciting milestone for you and your candidate, and Guide makes it easy for you to make this a moment worth celebrating.

Offer sent status

Sending an offer

First, it’s important to call out that Guide does not replace the offer letter features of Greenhouse. There are a range of robust offer solutions available. Whether it's a PDF or something more sophisticated, you are encouraged to leverage the best solution for your team in crafting that perfect offer. When you’re ready to deliver the message, turn to Guide to help you stand out.

Once you have your offer ready, it is best practice to mark that candidate’s status in Guide as Offer sent and then send them a message notifying the of the offer, adding any supporting links or attaching any relevant documents. Here’s how:

  1. You have two locations from which you can send an offer with Guide.

    1. Option 1: From the Guide button at the top of candidate Greenhouse profiles, locate and click Notify of offer in the dropdown menu. Skip ahead to step #3.

      Notify of offer from the Guide button
    2. Option 2: From the candidate tab in the Guide Extension, locate and click the candidate status button and click Offer sent in the dropdown menu.

      Mark as offer sent from the Guide Extension
  2. Next, you will be prompted to send the candidate a message notifying them of the offer. Click Notify of offer. If you’d like to simply mark the candidate guide as Offer sent and not send them a message, click Mark offer sent without notifying.

    Notify of offer sent dialog
  3. In the dialog that appears, you will see a small badge next to the candidate’s stage, indicating that their status is changing to Offer sent. From here, you’re invited to write a message to share with your candidate. Use our tools to attach any related documents or links. You can also use an offer template from the template dropdown menu in the header options of this dialog (see: Using message templates).

  4. Once you are happy with your message, click Send offer notification.

What happens after sending an offer?

If you wrote a message to accompany your offer, Guide will email the candidate’s inbox on your behalf. From this message, the candidate can click to visit their guide.

The next time a candidate who has been sent an offer returns to their guide, they will be presented with a celebratory message congratulating them on reaching this important milestone in their hiring journey.

They will also see a persistent purple banner anchored at the top of the page, letting them know that they have been sent an offer. Their interview plan and all other content will be frozen in place.

Example of offer sent candidate guide

Revoking an offer

Occasionally, you may need to revoke the offer you sent to a candidate. Not a problem. From the candidate tab in the Guide Extension, locate and click the candidate status button and select from the available options (e.g., Interviewing).

If, for some reason, you would also like to delete the original message with the offer details, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the candidate’s guide. You can always find a direct link to the candidate guide from the candidate tab in the Guide Extension.

  2. Click Messages at the top of the page.

  3. Locate the message. From the message, open the message options menu located behind the ... button.

  4. Click Delete.

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