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Adding interviewer requirements for scheduling
Updated over a week ago

Properly defining interview requirements is one of the most important parts of requesting scheduling. If accurately defined, your RCs (and Guide AI's algorithms) will be able to efficiently schedule your interviews.

Interview slots

Each "card" in your interviewer requirements represents an interviewer slot that will be filled by:

  1. One required interviewer

  2. (optional) One optional shadower for training

Here's an example of 2 interviewer slots. Our algorithm will ensure that 2 interviewers and one (optional) shadower will be scheduled.

  • Interview slot #1:

    • Either Amanda Wilson or Milo Nguyen will be required (not both)

    • Optionally, add Christina Elliot as a shadower

  • Interviewer slot #2:

    • One interviewer from the "Software Engineering" interviewer pool will be required

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