Enabling Third Party Cookies

How to enable third party cookies (just for Guide) so that your Chrome Extension can sync with your Guide dashboard.

Updated over a week ago

Chrome extensions like ours rely on a cookie to know when you are logged in and sync back to our dashboard. The following video will help you enable cookies, just for Guide and Greenhouse so you can start using our extension.

To enable third party cookies for Guide and Greenhouse, head to your Settings menu in Chrome via the three dot menu in the upper right corner:

Once you are in settings, search for "Cookie"

Click on "Cookies and other Site Data"

You will then see your default cookie handling setting, most like you are set to "block third party cookies."

You may leave that option in place, bubbled in. Simply scroll down the page farther to reveal "Sites and can always use cookies."

Click Add to add an entry for:

  1. guide.co

  2. resource.io

You should see two entries identical to the screenshot above. You are now all set! Head back to your Greenhouse tab and refresh to get working in Guide!

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