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Installing & Using Guide for Greenhouse

How to use Guide's New Chrome Extension to work directly with candidates in Greenhouse

Updated over a week ago

The Guide Chrome Extension allows you and your team to quickly work with candidates to deliver Guides at the click of a button, benefitting from the automation and settings created in your Guide Dashboard.

To download the Chrome Extension, click here and follow the instructions below.

Once installed we recommend using Chrome's "pin" feature so you can quickly toggle the extension panel from exposed to hidden. Click on the puzzle icon in the Chrome toolbar to access the extensions menu and to pin Guide.

Please note that clicking on the Guide Chrome Extension icon in your toolbar, while on a Greenhouse profile will tell the extension to collapse or expand.

Chrome Extension Overview Video

Additional Features

Advance Candidate

We've added the ability for Guide to now decouple from stage advancement in Greenhouse so that you can choose when a candidate's Guide updates to reflect being moved in Greenhouse. This workflow improvement should help in regards to allowing candidates to be in active interviews for a given day while you work ahead on scheduling part of the next stage.

Per candidate self scheduling

For those of you using our scheduler module, you have been previously locked into booking candidates within the same job on one person's calendar. We heard you loud and clear and now support per candidate scheduler options, with the ability to pick a different colleagues calendar at anytime.

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