Best Practices for Project Stage Templates

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Project stages can be stressful for candidates, so helping them prepare adequately can make sure that they're putting their best foot forward, and that the rest of your team will see some great project presentations! We've designed this template to help get the most critical information to the candidates.

Note: We've designed this stage using a Marketing example, but you should be able to find comparable information to share for any other role.

Introduce your project

We're going to start by giving our candidates a quick rundown of our project. They'll be linked out to another document that will have broader instructions, so we just need to give a quick overview. We're adding both that overview and the link to the project in a Custom Text module. We can hyperlink out any information that we need to in that section.

There are a few other specific pieces of information, though, that would make our candidate successful. Things that might not make sense to include in your project instructions, but would still be good to include. For that, we created some customer Prep Tips. These are created in your organization settings. Here, we're telling the candidate how much time to spend on the project, how to get assistance, and a brief refresher of how to manage the resources they'll use.

Since the project is going to be presented, and we've already scheduled the time, we'll want to make sure we're showing the candidate when their presentation is. We've used the Time + Calendar Link and Interview Schedule modules, with some light customization of the title to make it clear what is happening on that day (e.g., don't wait until that time to do the project)

Add context

For any project, we want to not only give our candidates instructions, but also let them know about their audience and what their expectations will be. Here, we're including the Interview Team module. Ideally, our Interviewers will have filled out their Interviewer Profile, which will give the candidate some idea of what they might be looking for or a better understanding of their background.

Beyond that, we're adding in some details with a Team Photo module above a Custom Text module. The photo creates a better visual experience and helps highlight the information below it. We're giving our candidate some hints around what's important to our interviewers, and then explaining why we're including some additional details underneath. We'll wrap things up with an Additional info module on assets that will be handy to our candidate. This makes our Guide feel fully fleshed out, lets our candidate feel prepared, and makes sure that the project that will be presented is as well crafted as it can be.

And that's it! A template that has just enough information to get our candidates started. We'll be publishing more template tips in the near future, but let us know through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner if there's one you'd like to see first!

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