Greenhouse Guide Variable (beta)

How to deliver your candidate Guides directly from Greenhouse based email templates, including automatic Greenhouse stage triggers.

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This is an exciting new feature within Guide, but it does take some important background prep outlined below.

🚧 πŸ‘‰ This feature is intended to help you quickly deliver Guides to candidates for roles that have already been setup/activated within your Guide Dashboard. You must ensure you have completed a Guide Hiring Plan for a given role before using this feature.


  1. If you haven't already please reach out to to let them know you'd like access our feature for embedding Guide URLs directly into Greenhouse email templates. We will then activate the feature for your account on our end.

  2. We strongly recommend that your team has stage automation in Guide set to true to best use this feature. Stage Automation in Guide informs our system to stay in sync with Greenhouse, anytime a candidate is advanced to a stage in Greenhouse they advance to that same stage in their Guide automatically. This prevents issues you could experience should your team forget to manually

    advance a candidate via our extension.

  3. The Greenhouse Email Template that you embed our specific smart URL into must be a Candidate Email. This is a specific type/category of email within Greenhouse, our URL cannot function within other types as we rely on candidate data only available in this kind of template.


Within the correct template type, you can embed a unique URL provided to you by Guide Support.

Embed this URL as you would any other URL in a Greenhouse email template using their built in link editor seen below

You are now ready to send this email template to candidates!

Using this new Greenhouse email template with GH Stage Transition Rules (optional)

If you would like to use the feature outlined above within Greenhouse's automated stage transition rules to automate email template delivery you absolutely can, but we need to check on some additional settings within your Guide Account.

You will want to ensure the optional feature of Stage Automation is active within your Guide Account. This feature informs Guide to always stay in lock step with Greenhouse, automatically moving a candidate Guide to the current Greenhouse stage in lock step with your ATS. Email us at to verify this is active.
This feature is denoted as lightning bolts in your Guide Extension, this would indicate automated stage movement for Guide is On:

It is also important to note that stage transition rules in Greenhouse do not trigger unless the Move to Stage button is used, they do not trigger for applicants upon submitting their application for example.
​From Greenhouse Support:

You are now ready to send Guides automatically with stage transition rules from Greenhouse! If you have any questions please let us know by chatting with us via the button in the bottom right of your screen.

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