Creating and editing a hiring plan for a job

Easily set up the guides you'll send to candidates with our guide editor

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Guides work by showing your candidates specific content based on which stage they're in within your Greenhouse Interview Plan. In order to map a guide to a Job, you'll need to choose which stages you want to show your candidates as they progress through the process.

Looking to update your existing job? See here.

Finding your hiring plan

The first step to creating your guide is to choose a role from the Jobs list. We'll highlight the jobs that haven't had a hiring plan added yet so you can quickly find the ones that need building:

When you select a job, you'll be taken to our Guide setup wizard. First, you'll have the option to change the title of the job. This is what will display to candidates in their guide:

Add interview stages to your hiring plan

Next, you'll choose which stages you want to display to your candidates. We recommend only including stages where they'll either have interviews or need additional prep (like projects or assessments). You'll see a preview of your guide display on the right side of the screen:

Choose which templates to show

Once you've added the stages you want to display, you'll want to choose which content templates to share with your candidate during that stage. (Learn more about setting up templates here). To assign a template, click the stage from the left side of the screen, then click Select a content template to choose from your templates or to create a new one:

We'll display a warning for any stage that has been added where a template hasn't been assigned yet:

Customize your stages

If you'd like to change the name of the stage that displays to the candidate (for instance, if you'd like to call Preliminary Phone Screen "Intro chat" instead), you can override the name from the stage settings. You can also give each stage an on-hover description that will display to your candidate before they've unlocked that stage:

Tie email templates to your hiring plan

Including email templates in your hiring plan will automatically apply the specified template to the notification emails you send to your candidate when they reach the given stage, meaning all your team will need to do is click Send Guide, and the right email template will be waiting for them. To do this, click on Email above the guide preview. Then map each email template like you did with your content templates:

Preview and finish

Once you've added all of your content, you'll see a preview of your guide. Make any additional changes if needed or finish your set up!

Once you hit save, you'll have the option to go to a candidate in Greenhouse to send them their guide.

Editing an existing hiring plan

If you've already set up your hiring plan for a role, you'll see a list of candidate who are eligible to receive a Guide (or already have). If you'd like to make changed to your hiring plan, you can do so by clicking the Settings button:

Here, you'll be able to edit interview descriptions, choose new content templates, or preview your guide:

And that's it! If you have any questions about setting up hiring plans, feel free to contact us through the messenger in the bottom right corner.

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