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Reviewing, revoking or disabling access to user accounts
Reviewing, revoking or disabling access to user accounts

Admins and Managers can grant or revoke access to Guide within the User menu

Updated over a week ago

As an Admin or Manager you can quickly see who is a current user in your Guide Account by heading to the User Menu and viewing All Active Users.

If you need to invite new users we have a detailed article on that available here.

You can also use our "remove" feature to remove a user from your Guide Account.

1. Head to the Users Menu in Guide

2. Hover on the user to expose the three dot menu to the right and select "Remove."

3. That user will then be removed from your account

You can review Removed accounts by filtering by that population using the dropdown menu seen below and if necessary you can restore their access in this view as well.

If you have further questions on user management you can reach out to us directly via the chat icon in the bottom right of this article or via Thank you!

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