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Respond to a request for availability

Respond to an availability request with the times that work best for you.

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Are you a candidate who has been asked to provide their availability and looking for some guidance? Or, maybe you’re an employer curious to know what you’re candidate will receive and experience when you send them an availability request. Well, regardless, you’re in the right place. These step-by-step instructions are designed to take you through the process end-to-end.

Step 1: Accept the availability request

You likely received an email, or a message directly in your guide, that asked you to share your availability. See the image below for an example of what this looks like. When you’re ready, click Share your availability.

A message with a request for availability

Step 2: Add your available timeslots

After accepting the request, you will be taken to a new window in your browser. Here you’ll see a few things. If you’re viewing from your computer, you’ll find details about the interview along the left side of the window (on a mobile device, it will be at the top). A large calendar occupies the remaining portion of the window. This is where you’ll provide the times that work best for you. To do this, click and drag to create a new timeslot. You can always adjust the time or delete those that don’t work.

Add your available timeslots to a request for availability

You may also see some timeslots on the calendar when you arrive. These are suggested windows of time provided by the individual who sent you the request. When providing your times, stay within these suggested windows of time.

Step 3: Share your availability

When you’ve finished adding your times, click Continue.

You will be taken to a window where you should see a block with a summary of your available times in the message editor. This message will be sent to the individual who initially made the request. From here, craft whatever message you like below or above the block. When ready, click Share availability.

A response to a request for availability

What if I’m not available inside any of the suggested windows of time? The best thing to do is write a quick response back to the individual who made the request. Let me know if you’re unavailable, and consider providing some more insight into your availability.

Updating my availability

Sometimes schedules change, and you must update the times you've shared. Not a problem. Navigate to the conversation in your guide. You can find a link to your guide in the original email with the request for availability.

Once you're at the conversation, find the message with your response and locate and click Change availability. From here, you'll be present with the same window you went through when providing your availability earlier. Provide your names and send your response like before. The individual who made the original request will be notified of the change.

Updating availability

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