Setting up a Stage Template

Stage templates store the content for each Guide, based on the stage the candidate is in within your ATS

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Stage templates contain a collection of modular content you want displayed to a candidate based on their current stage in your applicant tracking system. As they progress through your hiring stages, different stage templates should be setup to support them, via Jobs. Jobs are a collection of stage templates that comprise the complete candidate experience for a given role. Go to your Templates section to see all of the stage templates that have already been created. Here, you can sort or search to find the ones relevant to the roles you're working on, or you can create a new template.

To create a new stage template, click the New stage template button in the upper right corner.

Your template can contain any number of modules that help the candidate best navigate this stage in their journey, use the trash icon to remove a module and the + Add Module button at the bottom of the screen to add modules.

On the right, the Preview Panel will always update as you add/remove modules. We will fill in sample data to help you visualize certain modules like your Interviewers.

As a quick task, let's try adding a team photo. Click the pencil icon next to "Team Photo" in the screen seen above, and then simply upload a desired image and set the header text for the template:

The preview will automatically update on the right

Let's reorganize the modules to better fit our layout:

Simply drag and drop the modules via the || grip icons on the left and move them as desired.

Content will then update again as I moved the Team Photo above the interviewer team.

Try adding and removing content to get a sense for what will be the best Guide for your given stage and role. Once you've got your template ready for testing, let's head over to the Email Template section where we will setup the email that helps you share the Guide.

I want to duplicate my stage template

You can easily duplicate any stage template in guide by clicking on the three dots menu on the right of the template and selecting Duplicate:

This creates a unique copy that you can add to other jobs in Guide.

I'm not using my stage template. What should I do?

When you're no longer using your stage template, you can archive it.
Archiving a template will allow you to unarchive it in the future (if you want to archive templates for roles that are no longer active, but may become active in the future, you can). You can do that through the same three dots menu as above.

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