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Setting up Candidate Self Scheduling

How to sync your calendar with Guide so you or your team can impart your availability to candidates directly within Guide for self booking

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Syncing your Calendar

To power candidate self scheduling both within Guide and our prospect facing Pitch Pages, we just need you to head over to the Scheduler page in the Guide Dashboard:

  1. Head to the Scheduler Page

  2. If this is your first time visiting this link you'll be prompted to connect your Google Calendar as seen above

  3. Click Connect and authenticate with your GSuite Gmail

  4. Once synced you'll be taken to your first Scheduler Page where you can customize your availability

  5. Click Edit to control the settings for your availability

6. See the video below to ensure, with the edit options open, you cover the following:

  • Your opening hours and your timezone

  • The desired Zoom link (use the location field to paste this in)

  • All preferences with duration, minimum booking notice, cancellation notice, etc

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