Best Practices for Intro Call Templates

What content to add for the first call in your interview loop

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Your introduction call is your first chance to wow your candidate and make sure that you're aligned on what working for the company is like. We've designed an introduction template that you can recreate that helps kick things off with your candidate.

Introduce your company

We're starting with some introductions. We'll use a Custom Text module to thank the candidate for their interest and give them the elevator pitch about our company. In the simplest terms, what does your company do, and why would a candidate want to join?
Underneath the introduction, we'll use a welcome video from our CEO. A video introduction is a great way for candidates to get direct insight from the person who runs the show. Your CEO has sold your company to investors and high value customers, why not also your prospective employees? Add a quick Loom video intro via the Culture Video modal to show who you are as a company.

Once we've done some selling on our company, we need to make sure that our candidates have all the details they need to get into their first interview. We're using another custom text box here to give a two sentence overview about what the call is about, and what we want the candidate to prepare. Since this is just an intro chat, we don't need them to bring much along with them. We can then add the Time + Calendar Link and the Interview Schedule modals to give the scheduling details. You can customize the headers of both of those sections by clicking the pencil icon.

Talk about your values

At this point, we want to make sure that our candidate is aligned with the mission and values of the company. This is going to come in a few different forms. First, we'll include the Our Mission and Our Values modules. You've likely already filled these out in your organization settings, which means we don't have to do any additional setup.

Underneath, we can include some details that show what it's like working with the team, and the impact that that work makes for your users. In this case, we'll use a Team Photo module for both, but you might use another Culture Video instead. First, we're including a team photo-- ideally something that shows a diverse look at all of your employees. Second, we're adding some customer testimonials-- again looking to show the breadth of who your users are. Since we'll try to use this template in as many roles as we can, we want to have these sections resonate with as many candidates as we can.

Finally, we'll round out our template with some long form information. Not every piece of collateral you have will map perfectly into Guide, and nor should it! Things like your company blog or your full culture page would be great additional sources of information for your candidate to check out. Using the Additional info module, we can link out to any webpage we think would be useful to the candidate.

And that's it! A template that has just enough information to get our candidates started. We'll be publishing more template tips in the near future, but let us know through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner if there's one you'd like to see first!

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