How to Create a Guide

Create a hiring plan with content templates, predefine emails to candidates, and add additional context to your interviews

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In order to send guides to your candidate, you'll need to create a hiring plan-- what content you'd like to show for which stages. You likely won't need to add content to every stage (the majority of orgs skip the application review stage and any internal stages like interview syncs). While you create your hiring plan, you can also predefine which email templates to use during each stage, and add in more context with interview descriptions.

Note: before creating a hiring plan, make sure you've already created stage templates.

Creating a Guide

To create a hiring plan, go to the Jobs tab, and choose the req you want to create a plan for:

Once you've chosen your job, you'll need to include stages in your hiring plan. Click Add Stage to Journey to choose the stages you'd like to see.

When selecting the stage, choose which template you'd like to show in that stage. Optionally, you can also choose an email template that you'd like to have automatically inserted when pressing Send Guide in the Guide Chrome Extension:

You'll see a preview of your Guide appear on the right side of the screen. Keep adding stages until your Guide is complete:

Adding more details

Once you've put together all of the stages, you can optionally include Interview descriptions for all scheduled calls. We'll include the interview description in the Schedule module in any stage. You can add interview descriptions (or apply description templates) in the Interviews tab at the top:

Learn more about Interview descriptions and templates here.

See who has and hasn't received a guide

Once you've fully set up your hiring plan, you can also see who has and hasn't had a guide sent to them. On the Candidates tab, you'll see all of your candidates for the role pulled in from Greenhouse. You'll also be able to see which have received a guide, alongside which stage they're currently in. You'll also see which candidates haven't received a guide and you'll have the option to create a guide for them. Clicking this link will take you the candidate profile in Greenhouse:

Just looking to see the candidates who have recieved a guide? Move over the the Guides tab:

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