The Guide Dashboard

How it works and what it offers

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Welcome to, our dashboard!

Based on your user type you may see a different set of options from the left navigation bar but this article, we will cover all of them.

Guides - the activity page for all active/sent guides. You can search on the candidate you're interested in and see their opens, interview date if available, role, and last sent date. If your team is sending all Guide links via Greenhouse Email Templates, the Status/Sent field will be blank.

Pitch Pages - Guides for prospects! Send and embed directly in a Gem Sequence. More info here.

Jobs (formerly Journeys) - this is where you go to activate or setup a new requisition with Guide. This menu contains all active roles currently in Greenhouse that are not yet closed. You can then map stage templates to those roles to begin sending Guides to candidates contained therein. More info here.

Insights (beta) - we're hard at work on improving all the reporting you get from Guide. Insights currently helps you discern exactly where Guide coverage is at today, by job and by stage so you can ensure your team is sending Guides at the right moments across your hiring pipeline. More info here.

Feedback - Guide is able to collect detailed feedback from your candidates at every stage of the interview process. This feedback is anonymized and escrowed until a hiring decision has been made. We will continually update your feedback dashboard with the comments and ratings left by candidates, including a candidate based NPS score. More details here.

โ€‹Templates - This is where stage and email templates are stored and built. Stage templates are all the Guide content you want to show candidates at a given stage or stages. Email templates are the delivery vehicle our Chrome Extension uses to send the Guide to candidates. More info here.

Scheduler - Guide can power candidate self scheduling for single interview stages, like Recruiter Screens! More info here.

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