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How to use ModernLoop scheduling in tandem with Guide

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If your team uses ModernLoop to schedule within Greenhouse, Guide can work in tandem to support providing the candidate with their complete Interview Guide and itinerary after your loop is scheduled.


Once you have scheduled your loop, the interview, interviewers and meeting link URLs will be present in Greenhouse within the interview block seen above on the left.

Review the loop/schedule within Guide and prepare to send

  • Open your Guide Chrome Extension side panel to review the auto ingested Schedule details that Guide automatically pulls from the Greenhouse active stage

  • Click on the name of the stage within our Chrome Extension to reveal the schedule for the candidate and make any edits desired

You are now ready to send the Guide to the candidate and we will prepare the calendar files for the candidate at the time of delivery!

Re-scheduling in ModernLoop + Guide

We know that this happens and following your same workflow, once you have rescheduled the event(s) in ModernLoop, Greenhouse may require you to refresh the page to see the new details within the ATS.

Once you see the updated interview details in Greenhouse open your Guide Extension Sidepanel to review the new schedule as seen above.

The Candidate Guide itself if already delivered to the candidate will update automatically once Greenhouse has the new schedule, however you will want to provide the candidate with a new set of calendar files. To do so, simply re-send the Guide Confirmation Email by clicking on "send stage" or "send Guide."

Guide will intelligently update the calendar files and once sent, the candidate will then have the ability to update their calendar.

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