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Best Practices for Hiring Manager Stage Templates
Best Practices for Hiring Manager Stage Templates

Content and layout ideas for how to structure your hiring manager interview stage in Guide

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Depending on your process, the hiring manager interview might be early or later in the process. Generally, in this stage, we want to make sure to not only get the candidate adequately prepared for a big interview with a decision maker, but to also sell our top candidates on not just working at the company, but working with the specific team.

We've designed this template to help candidate prepare, as well as give the key details about what it's like to work on the team. Note: We've set this up for a Go to Market team, but you can adapt to any team in your org.

Get the key information front and center

The hiring manager interview should ideally be fairly straight forward, but we still want to give a quick introduction to the stage. In this example, we're coming from a recruiter screen first, straight into a hiring manager interview, so we're using a variable in a Custom Text module to thank the candidate for speaking with a specific recruiter. Customization provides a better experience, so anything we can add helps.

Underneath our quick introduction, we want to get straight into the details of the interview. We're including the Time + Calendar Link, Interview Schedule, and Interview Team modules here. You might add some details about the interview in the interview description. You can update this per Job by clicking on the Interview stage in the mapped job and clicking Edit:

This will change what shows up when the candidate clicks on the interview in the Interview Schedule module.

In this stage, we want to make sure we're both including the Interview Team module, as well as making sure that our hiring manager has updated their profile. If not, you may want to update it for them.

Now that our candidate has all of the information they need about the interview and the person interviewing them, we can move on to preparing them for the interview. Any tips or collateral we have about the style of interview can help.

Prepare the candidate

There are many ways that we can prepare our candidates for interviews, so this is a good place to think about the candidates that were rejected from the hiring manager screen. How many had a hard time phrasing answers? How many didn't seem to know their audience? How many ran into technical issues? Using this as our basis, we can start adding in more details to help good candidates who might have a bad interview. A great place to start is with the Prep Tips module. We've included custom tips to help our candidates with the specific structure we prefer in interviews. You can create as many Prep Tips as you need from the Organization settings. As always, these can be added in as needed depending on the stage.

We also gave the module a friendlier name for the candidate that is more inline with our culture, calling it How to ace the interview instead of just Prep Tips.

Underneath, our team has a video that we typically send candidates around how to have a video interview. We added it in with the Culture video module to make sure it gets delivered to every candidate.

Sell the team

The hiring manager interview gives us a good point to really sell why the candidate would want to work for both the company, and for this team. What are the tangible benefits for working at our company compared to a competitor? We'll start by listing our benefits using a Custom Text module.

Underneath the benefits, we're using another Custom Text module to preview some information about the team, specifically. We're using a Team Photo module to share a graphic we created that lists out the percentage of team to hit their quota, how max OTE has changed with an increase in deal sizes, and how many members of the team advanced to a new seniority level. Any details we can share about having attainable OTE or advancement opportunities can help keep our candidates from falling off.
Underneath, we're finishing off with the Additional Info module with some team specific links. We've removed the header from the module to be clear that these links are to more information about the GTM team.

And that's it! We'll be publishing more template tips in the near future, but let us know through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner if there's one you'd like to see first!

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