Customize candidate guide branding

Showcase your employer brand to every candidate in their personalized guide.

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With Guide, every one of your candidates receives a unique guide, a home base for their interview journey, personalized for them. Showcase your company brand by adding your employer brand kit assets, such as your logo and a cover image.

Examples of company-branded guides

The following brand attributes can be customized for candidate guides:

  1. Company logo

  2. Company avatar (aka profile image)

  3. Guide cover image

Guide branding image size guidelines

Customize your company-wide brand

We designed Guide with recruiting operations in mind. We know how important it is to standardize your unique candidate experience, which is why branding in Guide begins as a company-wide preference. Skip ahead for how to customize branding for specific departments, jobs, and even individual candidates. To manage your company-wide branding, you’ll edit your company-wide guide template.

Every new company Guide account comes ready to go with one guide template out of the box. This template is assigned as the default for your organization and is applied to all your jobs. For more on guide templates, read: Standardize your candidate experience with guide templates.

To update your company-wide brand template, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Guide Dashboard, click Templates in the main navigation.

  2. Next, locate and click the tab labeled Guide templates.

  3. In the list of guide templates, find and click the row with a purple-tinted badge that reads “Default.”

  4. You will be taken to your company-wide guide template. Look for the section labeled “Branding.” Here you’ll see a preview of the large cover image that is displayed as a banner at the top of candidate guides.

  5. For instructions on changing the cover image, see: Updating the guide cover image.

  6. For instructions on how to customize your company logo and avatar, read: Updating your company logo and avatar.

Customize your company-wide template

Updating the guide cover image

Click Edit just above the cover image from any guide template to swap in a different image. For guidance on the image size, see Guide branding image size guidelines.

Updating the guide cover image

Updating your company logo and avatar

The company logo and avatar are managed as company-wide settings. All candidate guides will share the same company logo and avatar. To update these images, follow these steps:

  1. From the Guide Dashboard, navigate to Organization Settings. You can find a link in the dropdown menu that appears when clicking the small circle with your avatar or initials in the upper right-hand corner of Guide.

  2. Next, locate and click the tab labeled General.

  3. Under the Branding section, you will find options for managing your company logo and avatar.

Guide branding image size guidelines

When updating your guide branding images, we recommend the following specifications. All images must be PNG, GIF, or JPEG files and have a maximum size of 5MB.


Recommended size

Company logo

Your company logo will be displayed in the top left corner of the candidate guide.

At least 32 (h) pixels

Company avatar

Your company avatar will be cropped as a circle and will be positioned at the top of candidate guides, overlapping the cover image.

128 (w) x 128 (h) pixels

Cover image

Cover images will display as a banner at the top of candidate guides. For best results, we recommend you choose a cover image that looks best in a wide landscape orientation.

2400 (w) x 600 (h) pixels

Department and job-specific branding

Branding defined in your company-wide guide template will be applied universally to all guides created for candidates. But what if you want to customize the branding for a job, a set of jobs, or even a whole department? Not a problem, Guide has you covered.

Department and job-specific branding
  1. First, you’ll need to create a guide template. For instructions on creating guide templates, see: Standardize your candidate experience with guide templates.

  2. From your guide template, edit the branding the same as you would for the company-wide guide template. See: Customize your company-wide brand.

  3. When you’re happy, navigate to a job and update the job to use the guide template you just customized.

Apply a guide template to multiple jobs at once. For more on this, read: Use a guide template with multiple jobs.

Save time by assigning a guide template to be used by default for all jobs in a given department. For more on this, read: Creating a department-specific default guide template.

Personalize the branding for an individual candidate guide

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