Request availability from a candidate

Simplify the scheduling process and reduce the need to navigate between multiple calendars and screens when coordinating interviews.

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The Request Availability feature in Guide simplifies the interview scheduling process by saving recruiters and recruiting coordinators the hassle of navigating between multiple calendars and screens when coordinating interviews.

Send an availability request to a candidate

Start a new availability request

Ask a candidate to provide you with times they are available to meet by using the Request availability block in any message or message template. When writing a new message, replying to a message, or editing a message template, follow any of the following three options to request availability from a candidate:

Option 1. Quick action toolbar. Above the message editor is a row of buttons that enable one-click access to everyday actions. Find and click Request availability.

Request availability from the message quick action toolbar

Option 2. Message toolbar. At the bottom of the editor is a fixed toolbar of options that allow you to format and build your message. Locate and click the option with the + symbol, and the block insertion menu will appear. From here, locate and click Request availability.

Option 3. Slash command. The Guide Messenger supports keyboard shortcuts. The handiest is the slash command. Type / on any line, and the block insertion menu will appear. From here, locate and click the Request availability.

Request availability from the message toolbar

Configuring an availability request

After you select the option to add a request availability block following one of the steps above, you will be directed to a new screen. From here, you will be prompted to provide some basic details about the interview or meeting and suggested windows of time within which your candidate will be asked to provide their availability. Follow these steps to create an availability request:

Step 1: Add interview details

Update the title, description, and meeting length. This is an excellent opportunity to share context about the interview with your candidate.

Add interview details to an availability request

Step 2: Overlay calendars

You should see a list of calendars along the right side of the window. Check the box next to a calendar name to overlay meetings and other events on the large calendar in the middle of the window.

Overlay calendars when making an availability request

What calendars will appear in the list of available calendars?

  • All calendars that you are subscribed to in Google Calendar.

  • Calendars of users in your Google Workspace that also have accounts in Greenhouse.

Missing calendars? Make sure you have connected your Google Calendar to your account in Guide. Jump ahead to this section for instructions: Connect your calendars for scheduling.

Step 3: Add suggested timeslots.

In the middle of the window is a large calendar. Use the toolbar along the top to navigate between weeks and to change the timezone. When ready, click and drag on the screen to draw windows of time. These timeslots will be shared with the candidate when you request that they provide their availability. Once you’ve had a chance to review everything, hit the “Continue” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Note: If you'd like the candidate to select any available time slots without restriction, simply skip this step.

Sending an availability request

A request for availability is embedded in and shared as a message. In the message editor, you will see a request availability block. Your candidate will see this in the message you send them. Craft whatever message you like below or above the request availability block from here. When ready, hit the “Send message” button. Your candidate will receive an email with your message and a prompt to provide their availability. Curious about what they will see? Check out: Respond to a request for availability

Sending an availability request

Did you know you can create an availability request message template? Save time by creating a reusable message template with an embedded availability request. See:

Understanding the status of an availability request

When you are viewing the conversation in Guide, you will see your original request (often the first message in the thread). The message and the request will appear exactly as they did when you first composed and sent the message. However, the availability request block will update over time to reflect the request status. Below are the possible availability request states and how to interpret each:

  • Waiting for response. The request has been sent to the candidate, but they have not yet responded.

  • Availability shared. The candidate has provided their availability. Click “View times” or scroll to view the response and times.

Availability request statuses

Update an open availability request

Sometimes schedules change, and you need to update the times you've suggested to a candidate. To do so, reply to the same conversation thread with a new availability request.

View response to a request for availability

Once a candidate shares their availability, you will receive an email notifying you of the response. In addition to the email notification, the response from the candidate will also be added to the conversation thread in the candidate’s guide (often as the latest message). Navigate to the response, and you will find the candidate’s available times and any message they may have written.

You can take the necessary steps to coordinate and schedule the interview from here. See: Use a candidate's availability when scheduling an interview

What if none of these times work? Not a problem. Alongside the candidate’s response, you should see a prompt that reads, “Start a new request.” Click this to open a new request for availability.

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