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Using Guide for scheduling & coordinating interviews
Use a candidate's availability when scheduling an interview
Use a candidate's availability when scheduling an interview

Reference the availability provided by candidates when scheduling in Greenhouse or directly on your calendar.

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Your candidate has responded to your request for their availability with times that work well for them. Typically, your next step is to schedule an interview, cross-referencing the candidate’s availability with your calendars.

At any point, you can return to the original availability request to reference the candidate-provided times. For more on this, read: View a response to a request for availability. For guidance for scheduling in Greenhouse, continue reading.

Use a candidate’s availability when scheduling an interview in Greenhouse

The request candidate availability feature from Guide integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse’s scheduling tools. From the candidate’s job profile in Greenhouse, find the interview you want to schedule and click Schedule Interview. You’ll be placed in Greenhouse’s familiar interview scheduling workflow. For more on scheduling interviews in Greenhouse, read Schedule interview to a personal calendar.

If you’re viewing from a computer, along the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a summary of the times provided most recently by your candidate. Even more helpful, Guide overlays these times directly on the large calendar view that occupies the remainder of the screen – making it easy to find a time that’s best for everyone.

Use candidate’s availability when scheduling an interview in Greenhouse

From here, schedule the interview as you usually would. When you’re done, you’ll likely want to update the candidate with a confirmation of the interview schedule. Guide can help with that as well. For more information, read: Send an interview confirmation.

Does your team rely on the request availability status indicators in Greenhouse? In that case, once you’ve scheduled an interview, we recommend you manually change the status, click next to Availability to access the dropdown menu, and select a status.

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