Send an interview confirmation

Embed a dynamic interview schedule to confirm interview times, conferencing links, and interviewer bios.

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Avoid the tedious routine of copying and pasting interview details from multiple sources when sending a confirmation to candidates. Not only is this process painful, but the information you share over email can become stale and outdated as soon as any details about the interview (inevitably) change. Guide helps make all of this a lot easier with our interview confirmation features.

An interview schedule embedded in a message

What's great about sending interview confirmations via Guide?

  • Unlike Greenhouse, this interview confirmation message can go out anytime and can even be added as a part of an existing message thread.

  • The format is easy to understand and automatically populates all upcoming interviews, interviewer bios, interview descriptions, and meeting links. No more reformatting, manually typing out interview schedules, or adding missing details in Greenhouse email templates.

  • If an interview needs to be rescheduled, the interview schedule block will automatically update with the changes. But we still recommend sending a message to the candidate, so they don’t miss the update.

  • Guide will automatically include calendar event files (.ICS) as attachments to any email message that includes an interview schedule.

What's an ICS file? ICS files include calendar event details like the title, description, meeting time, location, etc. Most email clients, like Gmail or Outlook, will detect these files and automatically add the event to the recipient's calendar – or at least give them the option to manually add the event to their calendar.

How to share an interview schedule

Once you’ve scheduled the interview internally, the next thing you’ll likely want to do is share confirmation of the interview with your candidate. Start by writing a new message. Click the Update candidate button found on the candidate’s profile in Greenhouse or from within the candidate’s view in the Guide Extension. Following either of these options will open the Guide messenger. There are three ways to add an interview schedule to your message. They are as follows:

Option 1: Quick action toolbar. Above the message editor is a row of buttons that enable one-click access to everyday actions. Find and click Share interviews.

Option 2: Message toolbar. At the bottom of the editor is a fixed toolbar of options that allow you to format and build your message. Locate and click the option with the + symbol, and the block insertion menu will appear. From here, locate and Interview schedule.

Share an interview schedule from the message toolbar

Option 3: Slash command. The Guide Messenger supports keyboard shortcuts. The handiest is the slash command. Type / on any line, and the block insertion menu will appear. From here, locate and click the Interview schedule.

Share an interview schedule from the slash command menu

When you add an interview schedule to a message Guide will automatically pull all upcoming and scheduled interviews from that candidate's profile in Greenhouse. You will see these listed individually in the message. You can individually remove interviews you don’t wish to share.

Does your team rely on the request availability status indicators in Greenhouse? In that case, once you’ve sent an interview confirmation, we recommend you manually change the status, click next to Availability to access the dropdown menu, and select a status.

Did you know you can create an interview schedule message template? Save time by creating a reusable message template with an embedded interview schedule that will update dynamically with candidate-specific interview details. See: Creating an interview confirmation message template

Best practices when sending an interview schedule

Make your interview confirmation communications with candidates even better by following these recommended best practices from Guide.

Add descriptions to interviews

Increase awareness and help candidates prepare by adding descriptions to your interviews. Visit any job in the Guide Dashboard. Click on Settings and find your way to the Interviews tab. Click on any interview and add a description in the window that appears.


Add interview bios

Candidates love to know more about who they are meeting with. Guide will automatically highlight the interviewer assigned in Greenhouse in the candidate guide and display the relevant interviewers alongside the interview details. Admin & Managers can enrich the bios of anyone on the interview team, or you can invite interviewers to Guide, and they will be prompted to update their profile when they accept the invite.


Guide can also sync interviewer titles and photos directly from your Slack instance. Please get in touch with if you'd like help activating this feature.

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